What do I think I’m doing?

Good lord (maybe I am religious…), trying to figure out how to blog on WordPress seems a bit difficult for me.  I guess this is a start, much-needed after being a personal finance blog commentator for so long I should have done this way back when.  Although I do feel so clumsy here which I believe makes my blog kind of low quality. My poor grammar and incoherent ideas don’t help either.  Baby steps for me I guess.  No one’s perfect right???

I thought buying an android smart phone would help me keep up with technology, but I don’t think I truly use it to its full capabilities.  I even bought an iPad to learn a little about Apple.  I even put Windows 8 (not that great by the way) on my computer that I built from parts I ordered from Newegg to try to keep up to date with Microsoft.  Maybe I should build a Linux computer too.  Gah!  It’s expensive to keep up with tech…