Seeking balance…

Where do I start?  How important is it?  Is it even possible?  Ever since I started reading personal finance blogs about 5 years ago it has been a quest of mine to find that elusive balance when it comes to money, life, happiness, etc.  You would have thought I should have found it by now considering the amount of time I ponder over the internet looking for any hints.  I wonder if it might have to do with me not being religious.  It seems that most of those folks have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject.  Maybe I should find some good books on seeking balance.  Oh well, this should be an interesting journey.  Then again, I probably give myself too much credit, might be a boring journey 😛


3 thoughts on “Seeking balance…

  1. Balance is in your head. I still haven’t found it, but maybe my balance is to swing from one extreme of saving to spending and back again like some weird pendulum.

    What I do know, is that accumulating a TON of knick knackky crappy stuff is not my key to happiness. I get frustrated when I feel like I have too many things.

    • So true. It really is to each their own when it comes to balance. A very long time ago on my home page I wrote happiness comes from a balanced life yet extremes can be fun somtimes too. I like your work hard and play hard lifestyle, but I’m a little to old to play hard like I used too. Even though I’m going to the electric daisy carnival this coming up weekend, I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the youngsters there. But I’m long overdue for a little fun…

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